Grid size: W / H studs   

Sections counter:

  • short straight tracks:
  • long straight tracks:
  • lower ramps:
  • upper ramps:
  • long curves:
  • short curves left:
  • short curves right:
  • track points left:
  • track points right:
  • short monoswitches:
  • long monoswitches:
This tool was created to help you to design layouts of Monorail networks. Follow these simple steps to use it:
  1. select a track section from a toolbox
  2. click the desired section - it will appear in the upper left corner of the grid area
  3. now you can simply drag the section around the grid area - it will snap to the grid
  4. if you want to delete any section, drag it over the trash area below and let it go
  5. you can adjust the size of the grid area using the Settings box on the left
Works best with modern web browsers.
Trash area - drag & drop items here to delete them